You have found the recording services of Dave Blackburn and Beat 'n Track Recording, in Fallbrook, California. We offer in-studio sessions and on-location live recording services as well as mixing and mastering of projects recorded elsewhere.  Over thirty years experience and superb equipment guarantee each project will sound its best. Please check out the site and listen to some sample projects recorded here. Thanks, Dave.

The days I spent at his recording facility making my Little Suns CD were some of the finest times of my music career. The results were extraordinary.”

— Joe Rathburn

I know when I work with Dave Blackburn that each one of my songs will find a new level of expression and the highest quality. Recording can be a tedious process but working with Dave is a joy and invites world class musical talent and technical mastery into the mix. ”

— Karl Anthony

A first album is a delicate project with a lot of hopes and anxieties in the air. Dave embraced this project fully with supportive and creative ideas and constructive expertise. The result is still a pleasure to listen to five years later. It was such a satisfying creative process. Dave is a true professional and you'll get more than a "by the hour" level of commitment. You'll get a collaborative effort all the way through. ”

— Matt Stone

Let me just say, if you chose to record, mix or master with Dave you are getting your money's worth. He is a pro,.. not just a great engineer/producer but has the ears of a cat (Not only is a cat’s hearing immensely impressive with an average range of between 45Hz – 64,000Hz but their ears are very cute).. and he plays several instruments very well.. (so if you don't quite have your session players lined up you can just count yourself lucky). Seriously though, I highly recommend his services. Also, it's a lovely setting. Thanks again Maestro!...”

— Lacy Younger

This is by far my favorite piano sound in all my years of recording and mastering. With your expert choice of mics and placement it is just stunning. ”

Michael McDonald/mastering engineer

I went to Dave Blackburn to master my beloved album project because I wanted the best at any price. I got what I came for. Dave’s mixing and mastering skills don’t simply meet, but frequently exceed professional industry standards. I eagerly look forward to working with him again.”

— Ed Ford Summerfield - Independent Recording Artist

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I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on many projects, I can say without reservation that his clients get absolutely ALL of the sound quality, ears, gear, input, musicality, and listening nuance that one gets working with the very best in the industry. An unequivocal recommendation! ”

— Barnaby Finch (Lee Ritenour, George Benson, Tom Scott)

I had the pleasure of recording my first three albums with Dave and could not have asked for a better experience. The studio is in such a stunning location that put all of us at ease and in a creative mindset, and Dave worked his magic each time that resulted in projects I could not have been more proud of. If you want a professional and amazing recording experience, go to Dave at Beat 'n Track Recording.”

— Teagan Taylor

We recorded our CD here. Dave and his studio are the best in the West...Reasonable rates, sounds great, great ears and super gear! We recommend Beat n' Track above all others in the San Diego county area!”

— Delene St. Clair (Cahill and Delene)

We have been clients of Dave since 2008. He is wonderful. You will not be disappointed with this man's work or his work ethic. You always get more than you hoped for. I highly recommend him.”

— Judy Bishop

I had an incredible time in the studio working with Dave. Dave had worked out all song arrangements, set up all the gear and I could just sweep in there and sing my heart out as effortlessly as the songs called for. Dave's guitar playing is wonderful and so is his ear for detail with the music being mixed and mastered to creative perfection. I can only give my warmest recommendations working with Dave, a musician and producer who takes a lot of pride in his work.”

— Christina Friis

I’ve worked with Dave Blackburn on seven recording projects and have been delighted with the results every time. He is a super skilled recording, mixing, and mastering engineer, but he is also a gifted musician who writes and performs gorgeous arrangements. I can’t imagine working with a more talented engineer.”

— Peggy Watson

Dave is a multi-talented musician who is also an incredible sound engineer. My teenage daughter worked with Dave, who helped us arrange her composition into a killer song. He also provided guitar tracks (bass and acoustic) and rhythms to really enhance the piece. He is patient and provides guidance without being pushy. It's always great to work with Dave in his beautiful studio and surroundings.”

— Michelle Warn

Dave produces some of the best quality recordings I've heard from a studio big or small. His dedication to the craft and technical knowledge are top notch. Pick up one of the cds he's produced and see....ah....hear for yourself!”

— Shannon Miner

I took a mix to Dave to try out his mastering capabilities. The mix was, I thought, already excellent. Anyway, I got it home via flash drive and loaded it onto a cd to do the car test. I loaded the before and after mixes. I listened with my wife and did not tell her which was which. I didn't need to. She knew just by listening which was which. She could see the smile on my face. She asked me to rate the finished product 1 to 10. She told me "10". Good job Dave. I look forward to getting some more compositions to you...”

— Rich Quintania

As a solo piano recording artist, I know that it is one of the most difficult instruments to record. I spent countless hours, with no success, positioning microphones to try to capture the sound of my piano. Then I was referred to Dave, and he was able to very quickly assess where the mics needed to be placed. With his engineering skills and musician's ears, Dave found the magical spot in my piano, resulting in an absolutely gorgeous piano recording. I only wish I had found him sooner! It is now a joy to be able to record on my piano!”

— Christine Brown