You have found the recording services of Dave Blackburn and Beat 'n Track Recording, in Fallbrook, California. We offer in-studio sessions and on-location live recording services as well as mixing and mastering of projects recorded elsewhere.  Over thirty five years of experience recording and superb equipment guarantee each project will sound its best. Please check out the site and listen to some sample projects recorded here.


Thanks! Dave

I have recently recorded an EP and single with Dave. What an incredible experience it was to work collaboratively with Dave. He is super talented and finds the absolute best session musicians to add to the music. I am so excited to hear his final touches!”

— Kristen Ross

I know when I work with Dave Blackburn that each one of my songs will find a new level of expression and the highest quality. Recording can be a tedious process but working with Dave is a joy and invites world class musical talent and technical mastery into the mix.”

— Karl Anthony

A first album is a delicate project with a lot of hopes and anxieties in the air. Dave embraced this project fully with supportive and creative ideas and constructive expertise. The result is still a pleasure to listen to five years later. It was such a satisfying creative process. Dave is a true professional and you'll get more than a "by the hour" level of commitment. You'll get a collaborative effort all the way through.”

— Matt Stone

Let me just say, if you chose to record, mix or master with Dave you are getting your money's worth. He is a pro,.. not just a great engineer/producer but has the ears of a cat (Not only is a cat’s hearing immensely impressive with an average range of between 45Hz – 64,000Hz but their ears are very cute).. and he plays several instruments very well.. (so if you don't quite have your session players lined up you can just count yourself lucky). Seriously though, I highly recommend his services. Also, it's a lovely setting. Thanks again Maestro!...”

— Lacy Younger

This is by far my favorite piano sound in all my years of recording and mastering. With your expert choice of mics and placement it is just stunning.”

— Michael McDonald/mastering engineer

I went to Dave Blackburn to master my beloved album project because I wanted the best at any price. I got what I came for. Dave’s mixing and mastering skills don’t simply meet, but frequently exceed professional industry standards. I eagerly look forward to working with him again.”

— Ed Ford Summerfield - Independent Recording Artist

I just recorded here last night with my friend Lacy Younger. We had 2 new songs, and Dave helped us start to finish! He was able to chart the songs quickly (and correctly) and used a beautiful set of ribbon mics to acheive a glorious acoustic guitar sound. He set us at ease and coaxed great vocal performances from us that felt lively and intimate. The space is beyond zen, everything from the view out the window to the art on the walls, and gear for days and days and days. If you need it, Dave has it. We had an absolute blast and came away with an AMAZING project, THANK YOU DAVE!!!”

— Deblois Milledge

Dave has a highly intelligent, musical head. His production ideas are wise, his percussion/drum parts are great and he plays beautiful guitar. He’s an excellent recordist and has a fine, dry wit. We like him and are extremely happy with the album we’ve recently recorded with him.”

— David Beldock